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Camp 2023

About Us

Women's World on Wheels (Women's WOW) is for all women wheelchair users who want to expand their horizons and find support.


Our organization offers women the opportunity to excel in their current lives and should act as a springboard to mental, physical, financial, and professional freedom.


Regardless of the needs and goals of each member, our goal is to boost confidence, encourage women to reach their full potential, and inspire individuals to share their story.

Our Mission

Providing building blocks for women wheelchair users and striving to be a catalyst for their physical, professional, and personal success.

Get Involved

Women's WOW uplifts women wheelchair users by offering resources for support, by hosting workshops to help users become more independent, and by giving women the opportunity to connect year-round.


We also host an annual three-day summer camp that encourages women wheelchair users to reach their goals through recreational activities, workshop events, and community building. With your help, we can give hope for the future of women wheelchair users.


Our Vision

To ensure that women wheelchair users feel empowered, understood, and confident. Women’s World On Wheels encourages an independent, courageous, and adventurous spirit among women wheelchair users. We create community every step of the way and encourage each woman to discover their hidden talents and passions. By doing so, we help carve a path that turns dreams into reality.

Who We Are 

We are working to make the everyday lives of women in wheelchairs a little easier.

Our Community

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